Jobs at the Farm

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Our success depends upon the talents and efforts of many other employees besides the staff included here.  Every employee’s work and dedication is appreciated by the Bartlett’s Family, the managers and our faithful customers.

Working on the farm can be hard work.  But it is also one of the most rewarding jobs you’ll ever have. Our farm is located within a five minute walk to the beach, and many days you can hear the surf from the fields.

There are a number of different roles each year in the Greenhouses and field, Garden Center, Market and Kitchen.  Our employees and interns come from all over the United States and as far away as Argentina, Kosovo, Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Spain, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Guatemala, Chile, Columbia, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria and Italy.  This list grows every year!

Want to be part of something special?  Bartlett’s Farm is an historic family farm dedicated to sharing our passion for Farm Fresh Food, good times and a sustainable environment.  If you are interested in joining our amazing farm, fill out an on-line application below.  Please be sure to list your availability dates.  Farmers are always looking ahead, so we accept applications all year.  All applications will be kept on file for one year .

See what our employees had to say about their work experiences at Bartlett’s Farm

“You should know your Farm is really great.   I’ve worked a lot of places on the island and the one place I want to come back to is Bartlett’s Farm….It’s like a family in the kitchen.  Some of the people have worked together a long time, but they easily let people into the family.”  
Luba Karchenko from Russia. Worked in Kitchen.

“We all agreed it was the best summer of our lives!”  “I want to come back and I can’t imagine not coming back!”   
Abby McIntosh- Cashier from Maryland

“Bartlett’s is what keeps me coming back to the island.”  
Tommy Hoyt- Kitchen Counter from Chicago

“The kitchen staff is seriously amazing!  Neil builds a good team.  If I were to find a job at home in Moldova, I don’t think I’d feel as comfortable as fast as I did here. “ 
Denis Godzin- prep cook from Moldova

“Neil [Hudson, Executive Chef] is really inspiring.  I learned a lot from him and I’m so lucky to work with someone who’s such a pleasure.”  
Andrea Winking- Baker- from CT

“Mj [Mojer, Market Manager] is the best person on the planet. Best boss ever.  Her positive attitude is infectious.”  
David Winking- Stocker Supervisor – from CT

“I never expected to make such close friends here!” 
Tom Rathe- Restaurant and OSW Delivery from VA

“We all want Mj [Mojer, Market Manager] to be happy and proud.  She really does instill loyalty in people.” 
Nina Harrison, Produce Supervisor from MA

“It was just the best summer.  I don’t know how else to describe it!” and “Mj is the best! I honestly don’t think I could find anyone better anywhere.”   
Laurie McVeigh – Stocker supervisor and basement guru- From Ireland

“It’s been brilliant.  You really feel appreciated.  It makes every other company I’ve worked for look bad. Sarah [Scheide, Customer Service Manager] is a whole different manager than I’ve ever worked for.  She’s a manager, but she respects you.  When the difficult customers come through she laughs and keeps the mood high.” 
Anne Louise Smith, Cashier from UK

“The working environment is just so great.  It’s so friendly and everyone works as a team.”  
Kornelijus Klinga- Stocker from Lithuania

“Everyone who works here, from the upstairs to the basement, are good people, which is important.”
Scott Osif, Chef from Nantucket and Boston

“Everyone loves what they do.  Everyone is so friendly and eager to help!”  
Elisa “Ed” Vallardi- Sandwich team from Italy

“I don’t want it to end.  Sarah [Scheide, Customer Service Manager] is a great boss, she’s like one of us, which is hard to pull off.” 
Michael McGeown- Cashier Supervisor from Ireland

“It was really hard work and I wasn’t sure I could do it at first, but Andrew [Spollett, Vegetable Production Manager] and everyone was so encouraging and said “You can do it!” I became strong physically and mentally.  I’ve become a much harder worker and now I know my potential.” 
Yuyan Chen, Agricultural Intern from China

“I’m going to remember this experience my whole life!  This is my first time in America and it was so wonderful!”  
Joelle Conrardy, Agricultural Intern from France

“Dave [Bartlett, Field and GH Vegetable Manager] is really inspiring. He has no idea how inspiring he is when he tells us about the business or his views of agriculture.  In just one chat he really opened my mind about what we could accomplish.” 
Thaissa Mendes, Agricultural Intern from Brazil