Marketing Director

I have been working in and learning about agriculture and horticulture my entire life. I grew up near (and worked on) a grape vineyard, helping my mother tie vines at a very young age. I learned to drive a tractor in order to pound posts at age 12. We had a large family garden as well, and I picked peas, beans, tomatoes and leaf lettuce from the family garden as part of the daily summer routine.  I headed off to Penn State to be a civil engineer, when all along, everyone knew I should be in the ag school, and that’s where I ended up, graduating with a degree in Agricultural Business Management and Rural Sociology.  After a dismal attempt at selling cabbage and cherry tomatoes by the truckload, then working in sales at a wholesale greenhouse, I landed at Bartlett’s Farm, with my husband Pete in 1986. I sold vegetables in the tiny garage market, weeded and picked peas and beans, and worked on the town truck the first few years. I moved on to developing records management for the greenhouse, ordering seeds and supplies, creating ads, and eventually became the Director of Marketing. I still love getting out into the fields and my favorite job on the farm is taking people on flower cutting tours of our amazing and beautiful flower fields. I am also a freelance writer, writing the “In the Garden ” column of Nantucket Today, and I compile the farm’s weekly newsletter, ‘The Farm Dirt,’ each week.

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