Lucie Lundeen

I moved to NantucketLucie Lundeen year-round in 2012 after spending summers here my entire life. I have  loved Bartlett’s since I was little, and I used to beg for “Farm Visits” all the time.  My mother owned an antique store on island so I spent half the year on Nantucket and the other half in Palm Beach, Florida following mom’s seasonal business.

I worked for the farm for a few years on and off, starting in 2010 and I got experience as a cashier and the gift department assistant, but I always wanted to one day be the events coordinator.  I trained in Washington, DC to be an interior designer, and I worked for different island businesses in interior design and business management. Then the Events Manager dream job opened up, and I jumped for it!  What better job than designing beautiful events at a farm on an island 30 miles out to sea!