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Grilling Vegetables



Most vegetables cook better and are less likely to stick if marinated first or brushed lightly with cooking oil. We particularly like using Mantova Olive Oil Spray to lightly coat squash, onions and peppers.  For added flavor, sprinkle with Bartlett’s Organic Herb Salt after they’re grilled.

The process:

  1. Choose fresh vegetables. Wash them gently and cut them into pieces large enough that they won’t fall through the grill grates. The larger they are, the longer they will take to cook.  Experiment with different sizes to see what you like best.
  2. Brush or spray with olive oil and let sit for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Use a paper towel with some olive oil on it to lightly coat the grill, and lay the vegetables on the heated grill.
  4. Watch carefully and turn each piece when grill marks appear.  If the grill is too hot, move the veggies away from the heat source and continue to let them cook, turning as necessary to keep from burning.

The cooking process brings out the natural sugars in vegetables.  Serve the hot veggies with any protein, burgers, fish, roast pork or what-have you? If there are any leftovers, try cutting them up and adding them to rice, couscous or cooked wheatberries. Toss in some fresh herbs and you have an excellent side dish the following night.

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