Wine and Cheese

Wine and Cheese

Wine Department

Bartlett’s Farm offers a small, carefully curated selection of wines mirroring in many aspects the values and methods with which we farm our land and interact with our community.  Sustainably, often organically and with painstaking attention to employee and customer experience.

Our bias is for smaller producers who are either already farming organically, bio-dynamically (the practice of cultivating the grapevines, the soil beneath and the other flora and fauna in the area, growing together interdependently) or working towards those practices. Our wines can come from as near as the north fork of Long Island to as far away as New Zealand. What they share in common is that they are utterly delicious, responsibly produced and outstanding in value.

We have the largest selection of cold wine on the island with 48 varieties, including a large, playful yet sophisticated selection of crisp Rosés ready for summer. Be sure to peruse our collection of interesting reds under $15 as well as our more discerning reds and whites for that special occasion.

We believe transparency is equally as important with our wine offerings as it is with all of our other products. A card-sized “talker” is positioned just below most wines on our shelves. Each is written by us, not the producer or vendor. They provide farming practices, grape varieties and food pairing suggestions to better educate and empower our customers to explore new and exciting varietals.

Restrictions on our wine license allow us to only sell wine between April 1 and January 15. In addition, wine purchased at the farm may not be consumed on-site.

Cheese Department
Our focus is local, sustainable, handmade cheeses of the highest quality.  We source from a myriad of small dairies across New England and the U.S. with many hand cut and wrapped on premises offering our customers a unique opportunity to try a variety of the freshest regional and imported cheeses. Dairies we love include Jasper Hill Cellars, Grey Barn and Farm, Consider Bardwell Farm, and Mystic Cheese Co among many others.  In addition to our extensive local offerings, during the summer months the cheese case swells to capacity with gorgeous, hard to find imported cheeses shipped to us directly from Europe in small quantities each week. Whether it’s locally made hand pulled Mozzarella and Burrata from Gioia to serve with our famous tomatoes or a Vermont raw milk blue cheese from Jasper Hill to serve by the fire in the colder months, our cheese department is sure to delight the senses season upon season.