leah mojerLeah Mojer

Wine and Cheese Manager

This month marks Leah’s seventh year at Bartlett’s Farm. Her Nantucket journey began when she moved here with her father at the age of 11. After high school, Culinary School, Cheese and Charcuterie training, and living in Orlando, FL, Portland, OR, and Somerville, MA, she found her way back to the island and in 2011, she started working at the farm. She has held various roles – from Deli Manager to Assistant Market Manager, and even spent a year making charcuterie. With the advent of wine sales, she has settled into the role of our Wine and Cheese Manager, where she truly enjoys educating people about various wines and production methods. She also loves to hold wine tastings like ‘Rose in the Roses.’ She continues to educate herself about cheeses each year by attending cheese-maker events, and says if she could only have one cheese for the rest of her life it would be the mushy, gushy and beautiful French cheese called Vacherin Mount D’Or.

Leah loves the ebb and flow of the seasons and embraces the small things – the first pansies or the first tomatoes or the first greens – each year. She says “The entire island is your doorstep. Anytime of the year, you can find a place to be alone in nature.” And indeed, on her days off she finds herself outside, not quite alone, but with her dog Hazelnut enjoying all the aspects of the island.