Bartlett’s Farm is an historic family farm dedicated to sharing our passion for farm fresh food, great groceries, delicious vegetables, and beautiful plants; grown, created, and sought after, for the enjoyment of our customers while supporting our community and sustainability on Nantucket.

To deliver exceptional Farm Fresh produce, goods, and services
  • We strive to use the safest, most responsible methods to grow the most appealing plants and vegetables with environmentally conscientious measures.
  • We pick only the ripest, healthiest produce and keep it stocked and rotated in our market to ensure the customer receives that Fresh from the Farm experience.
  • Our Farm Made foods are made with the freshest ingredients, using our Farm Grown produce in season.  We look for ways to surprise and delight our customers with new seasonal menu options.
  • We provide the best products available, offering the finest quality and value for our customers. If we don’t grow it or create it, we will find the finest products based on ingredients, freshness and taste. We consider it our responsibility to support local growers, suppliers and purveyors.
To give an enjoyable, memorable experience to our customers and staff
  • Every customer who enters should have an enjoyable and memorable visit, not only by giving them what they are looking for, but by exceeding their expectations whenever possible.
  • We enhance the customer experience by creating relationships, offering samples and suggestions, and sharing our own experiences with the customers. Many of our customers have memories of their own from the Farm.  It is important to appreciate, respect and learn from their experiences as well. The simplest gesture can turn an ordinary trip to the Farm into a memorable experience.
  • We aim to cultivate a strong sense of community and dedication to the Farm. Therefore, it is equally important for the staff to have an enjoyable and memorable experience working here. Our best, most engaged employees are those who truly value and believe in what we do and it’s our job to create an environment in which employees feel appreciated, challenged and productive.
To be a sustainable, responsible part of Nantucket Island and its community
  • We strive to be good stewards of the land and active and responsible members of the community. We have over 30 acres of certified organic fields and greenhouses and we have long practiced environmentally friendly approaches to agriculture with a commitment to reducing waste and consumption of non-renewable resources.
  • Our solar project is our most visible example of our commitment to the environment. We promote and participate in recycling and are committed to using recycled and bio-degradable packaging, and water and energy conservation.
  • This land has been farmed for over 150 years and our plan is that with sustainable agriculture, it will be farmed for generations to come. We not only work, but live on this island. We heavily invested in the community as a whole. We support those organizations that work to improve our children’s lives and education, conserve the land and preserve Nantucket’s historic charm.
If you are seeking a donation, please contact leah at least two weeks prior to your event.