Bartlett’s Blog: A Guide to Pollination

Planting for Pollinators 2023

Planting-for-Pollinators-2023-1-e1687550910421During National Pollinator Week, we are dedicating our Farm Dirt to highlighting the vital role played by pollinators, guaranteeing the flourishing of crops on Nantucket and beyond our shores. National Pollinator Week is a great opportunity to share tips and highlight ways we are supporting our local pollinator populations.

For us, becoming certified organic has meant eliminating harmful pesticides & synthetic chemicals, helping to strengthen pollinator populations locally. We also maintain natural habitats with native plants; wildflowers, flowering cover crops, and hedgerows, providing abundant food that attracts diverse pollinators to our fields. (We even have a resident beekeeper in our midst; David Shepard, our Receiving Manager!)

We are proud to provide myriad native plants in our Garden Center as well as lead the charge in Certified Organic farming on Nantucket. Join us this National Pollinator Week in honoring these remarkable pollinators who make farming & feeding the world possible!

—  ‘Bee You’ on the Farm!

Bartlett’s Blog: A Guide to Pollination

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