Busting Boredom with Kate O’Brien, Gift Manager at Bartlett’s Farm


We have a large selection of crafts kits – Friendship Bracelets, Dig A Dino, Make Your Own Stepping Stone, Build a Bird Buffet, Spiral Art Kit and more!
All of these are available for curbside pickup.  Fun and social distancing, all in one.

For family time, we have a bunch of board games.  The littles will love this Paw Patrol game because… well, they love everything Paw Patrol.
We also have HedBanz, Upwords, and Bellz for the older ones.
As spring is slowly appearing, we also have tons of stuff for outdoor play.  Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art, plus buckets of chalk, large sand shovels, jump ropes, kid’s gardening tools, and even some water play stuff.

I have always left slime as a school activity because we all know how messy it can get. But, desperate times call for desperate measures, and this Shake Slime Kit from Doodle Hog gets rid of (most) of the mess. Kids can shake up the slime in one of the cups provided and then add some ‘mixins’ all on their own. No chemistry required!

These books and play set kits from Storytime Toys are perfect for much needed quiet time. Snuggle up and read a classic story, assemble the play scene and let your child’s imagination run wild. Have them tell you their own version of the story, with some childhood theatrics thrown in.

In our family, baking has become an almost daily activity. These sets from Handstand Kitchen take our baking adventures to a whole other level! The ultimate baking kits include cupcake molds, cookie cutters, themed spatula, frosting bag with extra tips, recipe booklet, and stickers. Donuts, unicorns, llamas or dinos, no matter what you choose, kids will love trying out new recipes. Pick up some all-natural sprinkles from Supernatural to soup up your decorating game as well!

Want meal time to last a little bit longer? Give the kids a little edible paint and let them play with their food. Noshi Food Paint is really nothing more than organic fruit puree but I won’t tell the kids if you don’t. Play tic-tac-toe on waffles, draw a face on a sandwich, or turn a pancake into a palette. Whatever keeps ‘em busy, right?

These great mom & pop companies were the first to get their product to us but we have even more coming. We have new outdoor toys, games and craft kits on the way. Keep checking the gift curbside list for updates!