Farm Fresh Breakfast (For Dinner)

With farm fresh eggs in the market this summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about the classic tradition of breakfast for dinner. We eat a lot of breakfast foods at my house. My kids are already learning to cook their favorites (my 5-year-old can already fry herself an egg, and my 3-year-old is an expert pancake mix mixer). While there are many ways (and many meals) for eggs and bacon to scratch that particular itch, consider this fast, fun, and delicious meal we recently made. Best part? All ingredients are readily available at the Farm!


Free-Range Certified
Gnocchi Breakfast Dinner Bowl
Giovanni Rana Skillet Gnocchi
Jones Breakfast Ham Slices
Farm Grown Greens! I would recommend kale or hydro bok choi
Garden Gourmet Garlic Paste or fresh Garlic
White Onion
Olive Oil

Dice white onion and get it cooked in olive oil in a cast iron skillet.
Dice the breakfast ham to small pieces and add along with a healthy helping of garlic paste or chopped garlic. Once onions are starting to brown and the ham is cooked through add in a heaping pile of greens, mix in, and cook for an additional minute or two. Put the mixture in bowl. Set aside and keep warm.
Cook the Gnocchi in the onion pan (don’t clean it! Let the flavors mingle!). Follow the instructions on the package. Fry eggs. I would recommend sunny-side up or over-easy. You are going to want that runny yolk! Layer the bowls as follows: Gnocchi on the bottom, followed by a scoop of the ham & greens, and top it off with one (or two!) fried eggs.
Season with a dash of black pepper and enjoy!

recipe and copy by David Shepard, Receiving Manager

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