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‘I do love chocolate milk. Don’t know anyone who doesn’t. I’m sure there is someone out there, but we all have our faults. Now, coffee milk…that’s how you tell the flavored milk novice from the connoisseur. It is the official beverage of Rhode Island; not that far as the crow flies. This week, among all of the other regional treasures coming in from Farm Fresh Rhode Island on Thursday, will be Wright’s Dairy Farm milk and cream, their famous coffee milk, and even egg nog! Sweet, rich and delicious. Family owned, happy cows, great milk.’

Maryjane Mojer, Store Manager

Arriving this week from Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Thursday November 12th, 2020.


BAFFONI’S POULTRY FARM Eggs (chicken) XL Retail
GOTHAM GREENS Salad dressing Green Goddess Dressing And Dip, Vegan Lemon Basil Vinaigrette
NARRAGANSETT CREAMERY Yogurt (cow) Plain 32oz
WRIGHT’S DAIRY FARM Heavy Cream, Milk-Whole, Chocolate, Eggnog, Coffee


CHI KITCHEN – HANDCRAFTED KIMCHI Kimchi Fermented Sesame Slaw, Kimchi Kimchi Pickles, Kimchi Napa Kimchi
FARMING TURTLES Microgreens Fountain Of Youth, Salad Happy, Heart, Purity, Salad Rainbow Blend
FOUR TOWN FARM Carrots Rainbow, Green and Red Kale, Parsnips Javelin, Turnips Macomber, Rutabaga
FULLY ROOTED kombucha Ginger Reishi, Citrus Hibiscus Kombucha, Love Elixir Kombucha
HARVEST OF THE MONTH Mustard greens Langwater-Scarlet Frills
KITCHEN GARDEN FARM Brussels sprouts, Napa cabbage, Collard Greens, Leeks,  Radicchio, Chioggia, Rosemary, Thyme
LANGWATER FARM Baby Bok Choi, Sunchokes
WARD’S BERRY FARM Bok choi, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower Orange, Cauliflower White Cauliflower, Pears Asian Native
ZEPHYR FARM Scallions/Green Onions Field Grown
BARDEN FAMILY ORCHARD Honeycrisp, Cortland, Macoun Apples
MAINE GRAINS Corn Meal Corn Meal, Corn Meal Polenta, Organic Heritage Red Fife Flour,  Flours Organic Sifted Wheat Flour, Flours Organic Whole Wheat Flour,  Rolled Oats, Buckwheat
FOUR TOWN FARM Winter squash Angel Hair Spaghetti
KITCHEN GARDEN FARM Salsa Roasted Chili, Salsa Tomatillo, Sriracha Original
LANGWATER FARM Winter squash Delicata
LARA’S CUISINE Pasta Chilli & Tomato Tagliatelle, Pasta Egg Tagliolini, Pasta Porcini Mushrooms Tagliatelle, Pasta Truffle Tagliatelle
WARD’S BERRY FARM Gourds Autumn Wings, Blaze, Gremlin Red and yellow Onions, Winter squash Fairytale, Winter squash Honey Nut, Winter squash Jarrahdale, Winter squash Koginut, Winter squash Long Island Cheese
ZEPHYR FARM Potatoes Pinto Fingerlings



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