Goodbye Lisa!

Lisa Wilson is one of the most beloved crew members here are Bartlett’s. Originally from Texas, Lisa and her husband moved to Nantucket three years ago after her husband accepted a teaching position on the island. Instead of buying a house, they bought a sailboat to live on! Lisa was drawn to Bartlett’s Farm because of the environment and the people so she applied and has been here ever since! During her time at Bartlett’s, Lisa has worked as a Cashier, Supervisor, Lead Supervisor, and ultimately as the Customer Service Manager. You could also find her in the deli when they needed an extra hand. Lisa gushes with pride when she talks about the farm. All the people here have become like family to her. She fondly reminisced about game nights, cashier games, and coworker dinners, especially during the summer season when it’s so busy and there are more people on the farm. No one can doubt that Lisa has an uplifting presence and can bring a smile to anyone’s face on the gloomiest day. Although everyone on the farm will miss her dearly, Lisa is taking a much-needed break to visit her children and grandkids spread across the country (including Texas, Vermont, Connecticut, and DC). She’ll be back in May. We’ll miss you Big Sister!

In wake of Lisa’s departure, Jack Farrell will be taking over her position as Customer Service Manager. Jack has been with Bartlett’s Farm for three years and has worked in a handful of different departments such as Farm stand, Garden Center, Cashier, and Customer Service. You can find Jack all over the store, striking up a conversation with customers, dancing in self checkout, or helping bag groceries. Whether you’re a regular or just visiting, Jack makes everyone feel welcome. Although he is super excited for his promotion, Jack confessed that it is also bittersweet. Lisa is like a mother to him and her presence on the farm will be greatly missed until she comes back in May.