Calling Ice Cream Fans of All Ages!

Chocolate Ice Cream Nantucket

Who doesn’t love chocolate ice cream?

It was as if the weather knew we were opening an ice cream stand! Weeks of rain, clouds, wind and downright chilly weather turned into a string of warm sunny days, beginning on the day we first opened the ice cream truck! Is this an omen for excellent summer weather? Who knows – but we sure hope so!

Our new ice cream truck is located just outside the market, near the playground. With a new fenced-in area, this is has the potential to become a favored spot for pre-beach, post-beach, lunch time, anytime! Neil Hudson and his crew are managing the stand and they have developed several farm-made toppings and novelties.

Sugar Cones: Small $4.95, Large $5.95
Waffle Cone or Bowl: Small $5.95, Large $6.95

Salted Caramel
Cookie Dough
Mint Chip
Butter Pecan
Oreo Cookies & Cream
Raspberry Sorbet

Farm-Made Toppings $1
Pineapple Compote
Peach Compote
Blueberry Compote
Strawberry Compote
Raspberry Compote
Cookie Crumble
Chocolate Sauce
Caramel Sauce

The Banana Split
strawberry, chocolate, & vanilla ice cream with farm made fudge, caramel, & strawberry sauce, farm made whip cream, topped with cherry 8.99

Ice Cream Sandwich
farm made snickerdoodle cookies and your choice of ice cream, made to order (we prefer salted caramel ice cream or vanilla ice cream… just saying) 5.95

Carrot Cake Sundae
toasted farm made carrot cake, vanilla ice cream, carrot syrup, farm made whipped cream and a cherry 7.50

Peach Sundae
farm made peach topping, caramel sauce, farm made cobbler topping , farm made whipped cream and a cherry 7.50

Strawberry Sundae
fresh strawberries, farm made strawberry topping,farm made whipped cream and a cherry 7.50

Pie of the Day Sundae
scoop of farm baked pie with vanilla ice cream and farm made whipped cream and a cherry 7.50

Brownie Ala Mode
farm made brownie, farm-made hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry 7.50

Float of the Day
farm made daily creation! 5.95

Watermelon Frappe
vanilla ice cream, juiced watermelon 6.95

16oz Classic Frappe 6.95

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