Miso Fascinated?

It seems like Miso paste is enjoying some serious publicity lately, seen all over magazine spreads and in trendy dressing recipes…but there is a lot to know when adding Miso paste to your pantry. What is it exactly?

To make Miso paste, soybeans are mixed with salt and koji (a mold that’s also used to make sake).  The blend might also include barley, rice, rye or other grains. The mixture can ferment from a couple of months, to years. The longer the age time, the darker and more complex in flavor.

The stuff can sound a little off-putting… but as an ingredient, with a high umami factor, a little miso goes a long way to adding a satisfying, savory flavor to your dishes, much in the same way as bacon or mushrooms.

There are obvious choices, such as slipping a couple of tablespoons of miso into a dressing, broth, or glaze, like in this miso glaze recipe, perfect for fish. The salty paste also makes a great contribution to pan sauces, especially when paired with butter and garlic. Because of its savory profile, you can get creative with flavor combinations. Tiny dollop of miso can even serve as the perfect salty foil to a decadent chocolate or caramel dessert.

Now that we have taken the unknown out of this amazingly versatile ingredient, pick up one of our (many) selections of Miso, in the refrigerated section. Happy Cooking!