Pick it up, Prepare it, Pack it up- A Picnicking Guide

Picnicking is not a science, but with a little imagination paired with a touch of planning, you can create an afternoon or evening that the family isn’t likely to forget anytime soon.
Get your gear, then get creative! Get it all at Bartlett’s! 
Must-Have Drinks
Refreshing beverages are a must-have of any picnic. The Market is flush with candy-hued cans and bottles of crisp, bubbly natural sodas and drink mixers. All you have to do is decide; to add tequila, or not to add tequila…that is the question!
Fresh and Fruity 
Fruit is a no-brainer picnic option for lots of reasons. One which may not be the first thing that comes to mind is that fruit makes an awesome pairing with our other favorite ingredient…cheese! Watermelon and feta, blueberries and goat cheese, peaches and burrata!
Oh, what a wonderful world!
Simple Snacks and Finger Foods FTW-
The door to delicious is incredibly easy to unlock, especially if you have Bartlett’s Farm Kitchen anywhere near by! The lunch box is always a place for inspiration when it comes to snacks and finger foods. Grab some of our tomato mozzarella salad from the deli case, a bag of salami nuggets, some olives by the cheese case and pack of wooden skewers. Enlist the kids to help build ‘Antipasti kabobs’ and voila, lunch is ready to pack up! If you’re bringing a grill to your picnic, try our Farm made quesadillas. Wrap them in tin foil beforehand and slowly reheat on the grill as an appetizer while the coals are warming up for the main event…burgers and dogs!
Dessert, Downright Easy- Speaking of grilling…if you’ve never tried our Farm made Banana bread sliced and lightly grilled, topped with dessert sauce and ice cream, you haven’t really lived!  We recommend Stonewall Kitchen’s Sea Salt Caramel and Jeni’s ice cream. The only problem is picking just one Jeni’s flavor… it’s nearly impossible with flavors like Churro, Peaches, Cream & Biscuits, or Brambleberry Crisp

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