Thanksgiving Leftovers, a Love Story

Though  I do love turkey, (and obviously turkey soup) I think my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is the leftovers. (Ya know…aside from friends and family and pies and love and joy.)

I think everyone has their own take or tradition for the leftovers.  My Dad loved the whole meal  in sandwich form; a true Dagwood Special. Two pieces of bread, a slice or two of turkey, Cranberry Sauce, a couple of green beans (from the casserole with bits of crispy onion and remnants of Cream of Mushroom Soup) a schmear of mashed potatoes, slightly warmed up, maybe a spoon of pearl onions, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and yes, if the jar was in reach, peanut butter to hold it all together.

Though there is certainly a theme to the leftover sandwiches (turkey, cranberry relish or sauce, stuffing) there are variations.

Kate, our gift manager, is cooking a pork loin this year.  She wanted the flavors of Thanksgiving, but, with a four and a half year old, wanted to reduce her kitchen time a bit. She’s looking forward to a sandwich of sliced pork loin with cranberry glaze and stuffing, slightly warm to meld it all together

Paulie, our Cooler Supervisor’s go to is turkey, pesto and bacon on whole wheat bread.

Nick, our Produce Manager, is anything but turkey, but preferably  Hot Pastrami with a good mustard and a slice of swiss cheese on rye. Pickles in the sandwich, chips on the side.

Lisa Wilson’s Mom use to make pancakes for breakfast the day after , and serve them with warm turkey gravy.

Dave Bartlett loves a classic Turkey Terrific. According to his Mom, he could polish off a bowl of the cranberry relish if she didn’t hide it. Portuguese bread, turkey, mayo, stuffing and cranberry relish.

David Winking of ‘Sconset Truck fame goes for a simple stuffing and turkey on wheat.  Yep. That simple.

Whitney, our former Customer Service Manager who is making a guest appearance at the turkey table this week, loves a TG bowl. A scoop of everything mixed and mashed and heated till it’s sizzlin’, then stick a fork in it.

Kat goes for a Hot Brown, open faced hot turkey with white bread, loads of gravy, salt and pepper.

My own go-to is a bit of all of the above. Whole wheat bread, mayo on one side, a dollop of gravy (yes cold) on the other, salt and pepper, cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing.  Heaven.

Whatever your go to is, it’s sure to be a little different this year. Stay safe, stay healthy and let’s all send good thoughts and smiles across the miles, and look forward to next year!

Cheers, gobble, gobble, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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