Thanksgiving Traditions

Our custom of offering Thanksgiving turkeys, sides and desserts to our customers is getting up in years (close to 20 now!) and each year we strive to deliver a better  experience. It’s a months-long process of labor and love. Many hours are spent either in the cooler wrangling the turkey shipment, scooping roasted pumpkin pulp for our pies, filling quart after savory quart of gravy or putting in hours at the Turkey Table; our Thanksgiving pick-up spot in the Market.  Each chore on its own could be considered tedious and uninteresting, but when pickup day finally comes and these holiday orders are picked up by our smiling customers, these small tasks magically become something bigger and more special, something that feels at least like a Thanksgiving tradition.  The Thanksgiving traditions below were shared by our staff, and we hope you like reading them as much as we did!

While Thanksgiving is everyone’s big holiday, it is really just the kickoff for me. Every year, my (very) large extended family gathers in Washington, DC for our annual Christmas Party. We have a casual gathering on Friday night to say hello and the official Lynch Family Christmas party on Saturday. There are so many of us now (my daughter is the 29th cousin in her generation) that we each get one person to buy a gift for. Instead of simple to/from labels, everyone needs to write a poem containing clues about who the gift is for and from. One member of the family is Santa and they read the poems aloud so everyone can guess who it’s about. It’s an awesome tradition and one of my favorite nights of the year!
Kate O’Brien, Gift Manager


I used to spend every single Thanksgiving with both sides of my family and usually end my day at a close friend’s house for dessert with their family.
My tradition has changed since moving to the island 7 years ago but I still try to attend at least 2 dinners if possible. Even though I don’t have any blood relatives on island, I am grateful for the families that adopted me for their Thanksgivings traditions.
-Nick Delacruz, Produce Manager
Turkey Bowling!  We had a family turkey bowling tournament one Thanksgiving eve and it was one of the best ever.  My godmother froze guinea hens for the main rounds, tossed down a sidewalk to full water bottles as pins, followed by the LARGE frozen turkey round she had dubbed the “Mother Clucker” round.  If you missed the pins you had to yell out “I’M A COTTON-HEADED NINNY MUGGINGS!” We had an amazing Thanksgiving eve… it’s one of those memories I hope to recreate sometime in the future!
Lauren Keereweer, Customer Service Manager
Every Thanksgiving since I was very small, I head to my Grandmother’s church (yes, she lives in a church!) up in the Catskill mountains of New York. Nowadays, on the Wednesday before, I drive up and provision for the Thanksgiving holiday by stopping at different shops, farms, wine stores and cheese shops along the 5 hour journey. There are some items however, that must always be brought from Bartlett’s! A crate full of winter squash and potatoes, and holiday pies; pumpkin pie, apple pie and last but not least, one flour-less chocolate cake.
-Leah Mojer, M & P, Wine & Cheese

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