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How We Grow

Certified Organic. GAP Certified.

Discover Bartlett’s Farm, the only farm on Nantucket Island with certified organic and GAP certified fields. Though we are constantly striving to transition all of our fields, we currently have 5 certified organic greenhouses by Baystate Organic Certifiers, 80 acres of organic land, and 20 acres in transition with a completion date of 2025 to all average certified

As a mixed operation, we grow both certified organic and conventional produce. While our hydro system is currently conventional and not certified, we gain sustainability with minimal inputs and a closed-loop system that recaptures resources.

Our greenhouse tomatoes are conventionally grown, but we use integrated pest management techniques to control pests. Field flowers are all certified organic, and for specific questions, book a farm tour with Farmer Dave on our website. Our Lilies are not certified but ALL of our field flowers are! To get your specific questions answered, book a Farm Tour with Farmer Dave on our website!

While we grow a variety of crops, our customers can’t get enough of our delicious ‘Bartlett Tomatoes’ and ‘Bartlett Corn’. These highly anticipated crops are harvested for the first time each season, creating a buzz on social media and word-of-mouth recommendations.

At our farm, we follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to maintain healthy crops and minimize the use of pesticides. Our pest control program is designed to monitor pest populations and only use pesticides when necessary to prevent crop damage. We also monitor the population of beneficial insects and choose knock-down techniques to protect them whenever possible.