Farming for the Future

The Bartlett family has a clear objective – to pass on their unique family legacy to their children, just as their parents did for them.
As Bartlett’s Farm adapts to changing times, the seventh generation of Nantucket Bartletts, consisting of nine individuals, is bringing new energy and ideas to the family business. The family’s dedication to preserving their legacy and embracing new innovations is sure to make the farm a successful and thriving business for generations to come.

Certified Organic. GAP Certified.

We are currently the only farm that has Certified Organic and GAP certified fields on Nantucket and we are striving to transition all of fields to Organic Certification.

Solar Powered.

The seven acres of solar panels on Bartlett’s Farm’s property offset 100% of the farm’s energy needs while avoiding the emission of 2,100 tons of carbon dioxide per year (equivalent to providing enough clean, renewable energy for more than 7% of the island’s households).

Social & Cultural Sustainability

We recognize that our farm is an integral part of the Nantucket community, and we strive to be a positive force in that community. We achieve this through a variety of initiatives, such as supporting numerous non-profits and community groups, hosting community events, and preserving the unique culture of Nantucket with our commitment to farming our land.

We also work closely with local schools, offering educational field trips and tours of the farm. In addition, we host a variety of community events throughout the year. These events bring the community together and foster a sense of connection and belonging.

Preserving the unique culture of Nantucket is also a priority for us. Our commitment to farming our land and producing fresh, local food is a key part of this. We recognize that Nantucket has a long history of farming, and we are proud to be a part of that tradition. By preserving our land and producing food in a sustainable way, we are helping to ensure that this important cultural heritage is not lost.


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