What to do with your houseplants now that it’s Fall!
by Hilary Armour- Garden Center Manager
So your plants have been basking in the wonderful Nantucket sun all summer and now its time to bring them in…but when and how?  The first thing to do is spray them with Horticultural oil, Neem oil or Insecticidal soap.
You may not see them, but I guarantee your plant has hitchhikers! What often happens is when you bring in your plants, the bugs come in too, and then your plant is the ONLY host and populations explode.
Two thorough treatments of either product will clean your plant up nicely.
Make sure to clean off all dead leaves, branches or flowers. If the plant has had a good growth year, this is a great time to re-pot!  Do not fertilize, as your plant is most likely going to go into “rest” mode and will not need too much fertilizer. Some plants will shed leaves when they move indoors (usually this is due to light issues, the plant isn’t getting enough to support all that foliage). Maintain a regular watering schedule and settle in with your plant for the winter.  THINK SPRING!