Who’s Your Farmer? Jack Farrell

Jack Farrell, our new Customer Service Manager, is one of the first happy faces customers see when they get to Bartlett’s. Originally from Bedford, New York, Jack would visit his grandparents on Nantucket in the summers as a child. He has fond memories of coming to Bartlett’s with his brother when he was ten years old, and making a bee-line for the Farm made banana pudding on arrival.

When COVID hit in 2020, Jack was working on his masters degree in teaching. He decided to take a break from it and came to Nantucket where he quarantined with his family. As time passed, he fell even more in love with the island and knew he needed to find a way to stay, so he started looking for a job, and ended up at Bartlett’s Farm as a Garden Center Cashier. Jack quickly became a vital part of the team and the feeling went both ways: he fell in love with the farm, the environment, and the people. After coming back three summers in a row and switching departments a couple of times, Jack became a full time employee in the customer service department. Jack loves the supportive local community both on Nantucket and at the Farm. His favorite times of year are early fall and early summer, just before the pace of the island picks up. There is something special about being on Nantucket during the off season, when things are a little slower, but the busyness and chaos of summer is a sight to behold and Jack relishes in that too. Talking to people and getting to know them is his favorite part of the job and when he is off the farm and around town, he is almost always guaranteed to see a familiar friendly face. Nantucket feels so much like home to him and he doesn’t have plans to leave anytime soon.

Lisa Wilson (our previous Customer Service Manager,) played a huge role in Jack’s love for the island. He has been influenced by her ability to make everyone feel comfortable at work as well as create a sense of camaraderie across departments. As Jack settles into his new role, he is hoping to do the same for the people who work for him.

Be sure to say hello and congratulate Jack on his new role as Customer Service Manager when you see him!

-written by Isabelle Nicolas, Farm Stand Concierge