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Friends of the Farm

Rewards & Savings

Loyalty that Pays

Friends of Farm is all about showing our appreciation for your loyalty.
As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits that will help you save big every time you shop.

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Earn Points - Reap Rewards

$1= 1 point on every purchase.
2X points on Farm grown & Farm made every day.
Redeem for cash back & giveaways right at checkout.

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Premium Rewards

Text and email-delivered Rewards such as free dinners, sandwiches, bonus points, and coupons that are tailored to your preferences. Opt in required.

Optimize Your Experience

Download the app to view Rewards, Punch Cards & Point Progress, Digital Coupons and Receipts.

View & Clip Coupons 24/7 for a Seamless Checkout Experience.

Available for iOS and Android.

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More Benefits

Even more ways to save. Simple, convenient, everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use my account?

Kindly limit account usage to the authorized account holder, while also extending the benefits to spouses and partners. Your assistance is appreciated in maintaining the integrity of our member rewards program. Thank you for your cooperation.

Is Friends of the Farm free to join?

Yes! Always has been – Always will be.

Where can I see my points?

you can view them online, In the app, or at checkout

How do I redeem my points?

Right at Checkout! Go to the “Rewards” page and select from your available choices

Do I need to enter my email?

No, but you should! we regularly send out bonus coupons, points, and give-aways via email

Do I need to Opt-In for text?

No, but you should! we regularly send out bonus coupons, points and give-aways via text

What If I’m only here for the summer?

Points don’t expire! Start earning now and use them next summer If you want!

Do Points expire?

Points DO NOT expire. Start earning now and use them next summer, next year, or in five years!

Do Rewards expire?

Some rewards do have expiration dates, It will be clearly stated In the email/text or on the punch-card. Most are not until the end of the year, or a few years away

Terms and Conditions

Restrictions Apply ~ Promotions are for In-Person purchases only

Seniors & Other Discount Club

We firmly enforce that the primary usage of the account is reserved exclusively for the authorized account holder. However, we acknowledge and welcome the participation of spouses and partners in enjoying the benefits of the account. Your compliance with this policy is greatly appreciated.

Points & Cash Back

Points are not earned on taxes, fees or gift-cards.
Points used for Cash Back CANNOT be redeemed for alcohol, taxes, fees or gift-cards. Points can be earned with cash, card, or check.

Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons must be clipped for savings application.
Clipping can occur at check-out or before arrival on mobile phone or computer

Premium Rewards

Opt-In is REQUIRED for Premium Rewards Promotions.
Add an Email to receive them via email, Text BARTLETT to 875-73 for Text.
Rewards can’t delivered without proper opt-in.
To qualify for Birthday Reward, a birthday must be added to your profile.
Rewards can’t be redeemed for taxes, fees, gift-cards or alcohol.

Sales & Promotions

Bartlett’s Farm reserves the right to end any and all sales, promotions, coupons, rewards at any time without prior warning.

Become a

Friend of the Farm

Enjoy personalized rewards & member-only benefits every time you shop.