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Farm Made Granola Bulk Boxes

Stock up & save!

Farm-made goodness straight from our kitchen to yours!  We know you love our granola and we don’t want you miss out while you are off island.  We shrink wrap our granola so it’s ready ship.

Our granola is made fresh in our farm kitchen with oats, sesame, sunflower seed, coconut, honey, raisins, craisins, and almonds.  Sold in 1 pound, vacuum-sealed bags.

New pre-packs are now available!  While our granola is delicious, the weight makes it a bit expensive to ship.  In order to maximize your shipping costs, we have come up with a few bulk box options.  When your box arrives, keep one out and stick the rest in the freezer for later.  Our granola freezes beautifully so don’t be nervous about buying larger quantities!  Plus, all bulk boxes receive a 10% discount on the granola.

Choose the pre-pack option right for you!

  • Regional – For shipping to the Northeast, our Regional 8 pound box, is great for sending anywhere from Bangor to DC.  Price includes 8 individually wrapped pounds of granola, with a 10% discount, plus $10 shipping.
  • Sending it a little farther? – For shipping to the rest of the country, flat rate boxes are the way to go.  We have 2 flat rate bulk boxes available, Medium or Large.  Each box includes individually wrapped granola, either 6 or 12 bags, with a 10% discount.  Medium or Large flat rate shipping is included in the price.


Never had our granola before?  Not sure you can eat a whole box?  Pick up a bag or two here.

Weight N/A
Box Size

Regional 8lb Box, Medium Flat Rate 6lb box, Large Flat Rate 12lb box


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