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Cut Flowers

Cut Flower Tours

Join us for a picturesque hour in the certified organic flower fields aboard our charming Haywagon. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Farm as you pick flowers and capture unforgettable moments with your camera.

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Farm Grown, Hand Bunched

As you are driving out to the Farm in summer, you will pass by our iconic flower fields, filled with rows of snapdragons, daisies, sunflowers, cosmos and at least a dozen other types of organically grown flowers. Every day, our morning crew prepares bunches of flowers to sell on our produce trucks and in the Market. Flowers are sometimes bunched in the field, but often they are taken back to the barn where they can be worked on in the shade, preserving their freshly picked blooms.

Cut Field Flower Availability

Field flowers are available by the end of June, early July and usually last through to September, barring any late summer storms. Bunches are on a first come first served basis. We don’t allow holding or preorders. They are stocked throughout the day in our Market.

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Farm Grown Lilies

When it comes to Farm Grown, our produce is in high demand during growing season, and our Farm grown lily stems are no different. These beautiful stems are elegant, some are fragrant and all are long-lasting.

Our lily bulbs are sourced from the Netherlands and we use new bulbs every year to ensure the best blooms. Bulbs take 90-140 days to grow to maturity, and become available end of May, early June until October.

To ensure a consistent supply of cut lilies for our customers, 17 crops are planted each year in succession. Lilies are 100% weather dependent, and Fernanda’s schedule plans for all colors to always be available to our customers, but each variety has their own time depending on weather. Bartlett’s usually has lilies available until October. Fernanda grows 24 different varieties in a myriad of shades of Pink, White, Yellow, Peach Orientals and they change every year (besides the favorite Crystal) as new varieties show up, or “old varieties” are eliminated.

Lily Availability

As with all Farm grown plants and produce, our lilies all have different characteristics; some are suited for cooler weather, others for hot weather, but this preference for seasonal weather allows us to grow lilies for such a long season. Fernanda works hard to have beautiful, bountiful consistent blooms all season long, and she cuts them as tall as possible to accommodate customer preferences, but as the weather warms in the summer, the Lilies’ height and size change. Hence, it’s nearly impossible to get the same one each and every time.

We do not allow holds or preorders. Lilies are harvested in the morning, every day, and arrive in the Market around 8 AM…sometimes sooner, sometimes later. To avoid damage and waste to our lilies, they are available on a first-come, first served basis only.