Cider, An American Tradition

The cultivation of apples for cider, and in its alcoholic form hard cider, is a Northeastern tradition that harks all the way back to the Mayflower, with records of apple saplings being kept alive on ships destined for America.
The early part of the 20th century devastated many cideries (ahem, Prohibition) but since the 1990’s, the tradition of making hard cider has come booming back to life! One of the advantageous things about the recent interest in hard cider for apple farmers is that they are able to sell their blemished fruit for a profit, rather than have it languish in the orchards, unused. Win, Win! In addition to our many regional beers, we carry a whole lot of awesome ciders from Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and beyond! Read below for some of our recent favorites.
Carlson Orchards has been producing Massachusetts’ market-leading non-alcoholic farmstand cider for the last 40 years. They are now making delicious hard cider with the help and guidance from Stormalong Cider. We are beyond excited about their new Honeycrisp hard cider, and can’t help but think that regular cider and apples can’t be too far behind!
Arlo is a longtime industry favorite. Shacksbury sources cider European apple varieties from Petritegi Sagardoa, located just outside of San Sebastian in Spain, who then produce and ship this fermented cider to Vermont where they blend it with fruit that they source regionally. This unusual blend of European and New England fruit creates a one-of-a-kind dry, complex cider without any additional flavorings or sweeteners.
Artifact was created in 2014, by two friends who had the desire to create exceptional cider, while helping to sustain local orchards, especially in western Massachusetts. Artifact Cider Project began in a small, forgotten garage in Springfield.  Light, fruity and tannic, this easy-drinking cider is made with McIntosh and English bittersweet apples, and has a slightly lower ABV making it a great choice for the beach or boat!

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