Start Tomatoes from Seed! Obviously we will have plenty of Farm grown tomatoes for sale this summer, but having a few ornamental tomato plants to snack from on your patio never hurts! Find some great tips here!

Plant Perennials! -Perennial trees and shrubs are the cornerstone of any backyard or garden design. Investing in perennial plants; fruit trees and shrubs will pay dividends each year with bigger blooms, bushier branches and beautiful fruit! Follow this link for our complete list of perennial trees and shrubs. We are especially smitten with these espaliered apple trees, pictured at right!

Grow Peas! Try your hand at making a Pea Harp; a low maintenance and budget-friendly structure for your peas to climb! Order seeds here


Need more inspiration? Check out this list of cool ideas to add plants and greenery to porches, patios and small outdoor spaces.