Fall and Winter Life Savers

by Hilary Armour, Garden Center Manager
Now is the time to start protecting plants for winter. We have two products that will help!
WiltPruf is an anti desiccant that can be applied to evergreens to help hold moisture in the leaves or needles. Excellent for use on Azalea, Rhododendron, Boxwoods, Privet, Holly, Arborvitae, Junipers & Cedars. Once the growing season is over and the majority of moisture has retreated from the plant, spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves or branches with needles. This needs to be done in temperatures above 35 degrees as it is water-based and freezing on the leaf surface will cause damage. Wiltpruf is also great for extending the life of your Christmas wreath and live tree, once again spray top and bottom to run off and allow wreath or tree to dry.  The sealant will help with browning and drying of the needles keeping the moisture in the needles longer.
Bobbex Winter Formula Deer & Rabbit Repellent is one of our favorites!  The Winter Commercial Formula contains better adhesion properties and will stick with you and your plants through the winter months! Spray once the growing season is done, top and bottom and allow to dry. Once again, this should be done above 35 degrees due to water content.
Stop into the Garden Center if you have any questions regarding these products or just need tips for getting ready for winter.

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