Italian Inspired R&R

Chillable reds are our little passion project this summer.  While we couldn’t be more on board for a high acid, mineral, perfectly cold bottle of white, we would never want to give up on the juicy, fresh, and structured reds we love oh so much just because of a little heat.   Putting a chill on your reds tamper those tannins and allow the fresh fruit tones to really have their moment in the sun – it’s a freshness over richness situation.

Perhaps the most recognizable red for chilling is Italy’s bubbly darling Lambrusco.  Famiglia Carafoli’s L’Onesta Lambrusco di Sorbara is a particularly darling bottle that we can’t get enough of.   You’re welcomed by a bouquet of violets on the nose leading you to sour cherries, hibiscus, & candied raspberry on the palate.  Crisp & refreshing with a gentle finish it simply couldn’t be a better option for a back porch bev.  The Sorbara varietal of Lambrusco offers more vibrant aromatics and a deeper flavor profile than its counterparts, making this pick especially great for food.  Joyous and gorgeous and absolutely a go-to for this summer.  

As we are all well aware, nothing says summer like grazing on snacks in the sunshine.  Luckily this Lambrusco is genuinely begging for some cheese to go with so we’re going for something versatile and oh so yummy.  Taleggio is an iconic washed rind cow’s milk cheese from the Lombardy region of Italy.  It’s pungent, pudgy, and a great entrance into the world of washed rinds – cheeses who have been washed with a brine or something similar to develop a particularly distinct rind.  It may seem a little off-putting, but trust us when we say you’re going to want to eat this rind.  In contrast to its creamy, fairly mild paste, the rind imparts welcome salty earthiness that rounds out the palate nicely.  

The way to go with this one?  Grab a Something Natural dough ball, some farm grown herbs, a hunk of Taleggio, and as many varieties of mushrooms as your heart desires and make yourself the most delicious grilled pizza of your whole living life.  Buon Appetitio!


-by Erin Hepinstall, Cheese Manager

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