Summertime Planting Tips

While common wisdom may say you shouldn’t plant in July and August…what it should say something is that you shouldn’t dig up or divide an existing plant or plant bare root in July and August.  Anytime you dig up or divide plants, you can’t help but to cut or break roots,  and for plants that are already full of foliage it can cause the plants death.  For plants that have already been in pots there is little damage to be done and it can actually HELP your plant survive. As with planting at any time of the year,  a little preparation goes a long way. Doing a few extra steps can help with your plant not only survive, but thrive!

First, plan your gardening day carefully! Wait for a cloudy day or, if you are brave, a day when it’s raining.  Planting when cloudy keeps the plants out of the sun and helps to keep soil moist as well as allowing the plant to absorb water through its leaves. Planting in early evening also helps.

Second, water the hole before you plant. A little extra moisture in the ground surrounding the new plant gives it an extra boost. Third, use a good starter fertilizer. Dr. Earth RootZone and Garden Tone are two great options. Use these before you plant. These go UNDER the plant and contain lots of mycorrhizal fungi to stimulate root growth. Fourth, for the first two weeks after planting, feed with a liquid fertilizer like Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer.   Again, as always, watering will be the key. Consistency, consistency, consistency!! So go ahead, be a REBEL!!  Plant to your hearts content in July and August.


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