Who’s Your Farmer? Sandi Chomo

Every journey is unique, and Sandra Chomo’s path from the hustle of emergency rooms to the welcoming embrace of the Farm stand is a story to embody her anniversary at the Farm. She is celebrating 9-years with our team on her birthday, October 17th. This blog is mainly about the journey of Sandi, but it is also about a heartwarming encounter with a little boy, a ball, and the baskets of Bartlett’s Farm.


One day, Sandi noticed a little blond boy playing exuberantly with a ball while his mother shopped with a friend. His enthusiasm was contagious as he continued to bounce the ball, eventually overtaking the market floor. Customers were blocked, and baskets were commandeered by this whirlwind. Sandi’s curiosity and kindness drew her into the delightful scene.


Sandi’s earlier years steeped in the beauty of Nantucket summers. Her parents owned a house on the Island, and she would seek jobs that allowed her to relish the island’s idyllic summers. However, her life’s trajectory took a turn when she made the decision to become a Registered Nurse. This called for three rigorous years of schooling, with only two weeks of respite each year. Her education included invaluable hands-on experience, spending two months in a psychiatric hospital, where she lived alongside the patients.


After three decades of cherishing Nantucket as a summer escape, Sandi and her husband, Phil, made a life-altering choice to move to the island full-time in 2012. Nantucket became their cherished home as their family expanded, with the arrival of five grandchildren, three girls and two boys.


Sandi’s experience working in surgery post-graduation as an ER Nurse was instrumental in honing her people skills. She explained, “When people are in pain, they’re not always pleasant.”


“Can you help me?” Sandi asked the little boy. “I love to help people,” the boy explained. Sandi recalled her 3 PM through 11 PM shifts in DC during the 70s riots. Many nights she would return home at 3 AM with Phil nervously waiting on their porch. They didn’t have cell phones to know when the other would be home.


The Farm stand: More than a Desk


The Farm stand, and Sandi’s domain, is not just a place for gathering information. It is the heart and soul of Bartlett’s Farm, where communication thrives and hospitality reigns. It isn’t merely a source of knowledge; it’s a warm host that makes you want to stay. As Bartlett’s designated host for nine years, Sandi has excelled in her role, making the market an even more inviting place.


Leaving an Impact


Sandi’s journey came full circle when she engaged with the little boy who had taken over the market with his ball. She kindly offered her assistance, and the boy, with pure-hearted innocence, began handing out baskets to customers rather than bounce the ball in front of them. His desire to stay and continue handing out baskets left an indelible mark as he gushed, “that lady made my day.”


In the heart of Bartlett’s, Sandi has become a cherished presence, embodying the Farm’s values and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for all who visit. Her journey, marked by compassion, dedication, and an unwavering desire to help, epitomizes the remarkable individuals who make a place like Bartlett’s Farm extraordinary. Sandi’s story is not just about a desk; it’s about the heart and soul of a place that many call home.

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