Wine Wednesday; Boom Boom, Midnight Moon

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This week, cheese and wine ninja, Erin, invites you to join a party of seriously yummy fall flavors. Notes of brown butter, caramel, cranberries, wild herbs and pomegranate all come together for one fantastic wine and cheese pairing as we explore a nutty, creamy goat gouda washed down with a vibrant, tangy Loire Valley juice bomb and wow, just wow. Read below for more! 

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon is a collaboration made in the Netherlands specifically for Cypress Grove, who is infamously known for their award-winning goat cheeses (Humboldt Fog ring a bell?). Midnight Moon is an aged Gouda-style goat’s milk cheese that has been delighting palates everywhere since its inception in 2002. Midnight moon is aged for a minimum of six months and develops a warm, nutty flavor and slight crystallization as a result.  The deep caramel undertones and brown butter notes make this cheese a great complement to fall flavors everywhere.  So you say you’re not a fan of goat cheese? We bet this one will change your mind!  The savory sweet nuttiness of the gouda styling mellows some of that classic goat-y tang and bite, making Midnight Moon the perfect entry level cheese.  Midnight Moon is a great choice for any cheese board and can stand up to the heartiest of crackers and snacks.  In fact, a seeded cracker or any toast style cracker with dried fruits and nuts would be a perfect vehicle for the moon. This is a great cheese to stand up to a lot of deep, savory flavors and it melts perfectly so go ahead and throw it on top of your next burger or into your Thanksgiving mac & cheese. Prepare to be so, so happy you did!


Laurent Herlin Bourgeil ‘Tsoin Tsoin’ 

French Cabernet Franc can have the reputation of being dense and dark; an ageable and tannic winter drinker.  Enter Laurent Herlin’s ‘Tsoin Tsoin’.  One look at the vibrant red hue of this wine will hint that it is completely none of the former. Unreasonably delicious, this blend of Cabernet Franc and Gamay is here to give you fruit and berries and levity and happiness.  ‘Tsoin Tsoin’ hails from France’s Loire Valley and is biodynamically farmed by a former computer engineer who thankfully decided to start making wine in 2009. Not too sure about natural or low sulfur wines? This one is super clean and has none of that kombucha-style funk that can sway people away, so it’s a safe and delicious entry into the style.

 ‘Tsoin Tsoin'(pronounced ‘Swan-Swan )  translates to ‘Boom Boom,’ which is exactly what our hearts do when we taste this wine.  Chill it slightly to really highlight its light bodied chuggability and get ready for an explosion of dark fruit, grape stem (shout out Herlin’s whole cluster fermentation), and herbal cranberry notes. This baby may come off as a summer sipper, but we think she’s the perfect shoulder season go-to. A very versatile food wine, pair ‘Tsoin Tsoin’ with beets, shellfish, (scallop season anyone?,)  jamon serrano, pork chops or squash. Most importantly though, aged goat cheese; a la Midnight Moon.  The cranberry fruit notes are perfect for Midnight Moon’s brown butter, caramel tones and the balance between Tsoin Tsoin’s acidity, tannins, and fruit make the gouda-y goat aspects of this cheese really shine.  Needless to say, they’re both invited to our Thanksgiving table. 



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