A Late Summer Dream Team

Those who frequent the BOVF cheese department through the summer months may have noticed we were in a bit of a pickle for quite a few weeks this season. For most of July we simply had no soft French cheeses. No Delice, no D’Affinois, no Brie.. nothing. While cursing French shipping delays and tie ups at ports across the country, it also led us down a path of discovery, both on the cheese front and within ourselves (is that dramatic? maybe).

No little bloomy triples from our amies in Paris, but a lot of exploration into other just as delectable, maybe even better, options. One of those I personally leaned on heavily was our good buddy Robiola Bosina. A darling from the Piedmont region of Italy, this cheese gives you everything you’d want from a French triple creme if not more. It’s made from both cow & sheep’s milk, creating the perfect balance of salty, creamy, mushroomy, and fresh sweetness. When ripe, the interior is perfectly runny and decadent. Tomato toast fan? Use a schmear of Robiola on your bread then top with toms and a glug of your nicest evoo. Sprinkle with some herbs and flakey salt. See ya!

As with all creamy cheeses Robiola Bosina is simply begging for a bottle of bubbly to go with. The sparkly-ness cuts through the unctuous cream of these cheeses to make a balanced experience all around. For Robs we’re going with Gaz De Schiste, a crisp and racy rose pet nat. The nose is jam packed with zingy red currants and fresh raspberry while it remains refined and elegant on the palate. Full and round, but clean on the finish with a lovely citrusy mousse to top off the whole package. It’s the ultimate satisfying crowd pleaser – natural and biodynamic while sophisticated enough to impress your parents or quite simply anybody in the room.

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