The Garden Center is Open, and that means spring is coming…really!

Each year during the off season we have an internal debate about when the garden center will open.  One year there was so much snow and ice in the shade garden, we couldn’t even get to the garden center. Another year the winter was very mild and we were open in early March! Contrary to the children’s saying, this year March came in like a lamb, and is going out like a moderately tempered lion.

Regardless of all this though, the Garden Center staff has been working behind the scenes unpacking pottery, pricing garden care products, doing customer service training and in general, getting ready to serve all of you – customers who are passionate about your food and flower gardens! And the greenhouse crew has been tending ranunculus, primroses, daffodils, pansies and more in anticipation of spring planting!

What’s new this year? Well, if you’ve found this, you see that we have launched a new website! While we are still putting on the finishing touches, the most exciting thing about this will be the new Plant Finder tool. This will let you peruse the plants we sell and get ideas about what you want in your gardens and containers this year.  While not every plant we sell will be on plant finder (Liz spent three days going through the 20,000 or so plants in the database to mark the ones we do sell) you will be able to learn more about hundreds of annuals, perennials and herbs we offer.  You will even be able to make a ‘shopping list’ to bring to the farm when you are ready to plant. The plant finder should launch by April 7 and you will find it in the menu under Garden Center.