Cheese Plate

Bartlett’s Cheese Plate
Serves 10

½ pound of one soft cheese- Delice de Bourgogne, Moses Sleeper, La Tur, Brie de Meaux
½ pound of one semi hard cheese- Petit Basque, Beemster Aged Gouda, Cobb Hill Ascutney Mountain
½ pound of one blue cheese- Bayley Hazen Blue, St. Agur, Cashel Blue, Great Hill Blue

1 pt Blackberries
1pt Raspberries
½ dried Cranberries or Apricots
1pt. Marcona Almonds
1 bunch Red Grapes
Crostini, Bread or Crackers for scooping- Farm Made Crostini, Kii Naturals, Castelton Crackers, Farm Made Baguette


Wash grapes, pat dry and place a nice bunch in the center of your serving dish
Arrange the cheese around the dish mixing colors and textures, leaving one larger piece of each cheese and cutting the remainder and arranging around the large pieces.
Sprinkle berries, dried fruit and nuts around each cheese and the grapes.
Write out cards for each of your cheeses, tape to toothpicks and stake into the cheeses

Voila. A cheese plate. You did it!

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