Make Hay…and POWER… when the sun shines!
Solar Panels from the Air Nantucket

Photo by Rachel Fabiszak

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22, and we can’t think of a better way to acknowledge it than with a nod to our new solar panels.  The panels containing photo voltaic cells have all been installed, and this week, they are working on laying cables and installing the inverter station. The inverter converts direct current (DC) energy that is produced by the photovoltaic cells, into alternating current (AC) energy, and we are on schedule to be operation sometime in May!

When they are fully functional, these panels will provide close to 800,000 Kwh. That’s enough electricity to power the entire Farm on an annual basis. It’s very exciting to know we have the largest array on the island (2 acres) and we will be even happier when it begins to produce power.  Nantucket’s sun-drenched summer days are not only good for growing and harvesting the freshest and tastiest vegetables available, but also for harvesting the power of the sun!

John Bartlett says “This project has been in the works for a couple years and we are thrilled to be utilizing a sustainable, local source of power to run our family farm.”  A big thanks to Dynamic Energy for their guidance and knowledge from start to finish.