Wine & Cheese Wednesday- A Burgundian Classic

Truffles and Burgundy are a classic French pairing. Earthy fragrant truffles mirror the savory, red berry & earth tones in Pinot Noir like no other. Let’s take this classic pairing across the pond to the lush pastures and vineyards of California where these flavors shine with an American twist. 
Cypress Grove’s Truffle Tremor 
This soft ripened goat’s milk cheese from California is the brain child of Mary Keehn, the maker behind everyone’s favorite crowd-pleaser, Humboldt Fog.  Truffle Tremor takes that decadent goat base and ups the ante with the addition of black truffles for an award winning experience that’s sure to stick with you.  Like all soft ripened cheese, Truffle Tremor has a bloomy rind that allows for ripening from the outside in, so give this cheese a little time for that gooey creamline to develop and dive on in.  Truffle Tremor’s delicate balance of herbaceous, lactic, mushroomy notes stand up well to other robust flavors, so don’t be afraid of overpowering this delectable snack.  Truffle Tremor is certainly a delicious addition to any cheese board, either as an appetizer, or an after dinner treat (try it with candied fruits!)  However, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, go a head and top your next steak or burger with this versatile pick. Just dollop it on as the meat is resting and you’ve officially taken your entree to the next level.
What we’re drinking with it: 
One of the wonderful things about soft-ripened cheese is the variety of pairings they have for each stage of ripeness. In reality, Truffle Tremor can go from floral whites – like a gewurztraminer or riesling – all the way to a deep delicious Port. But for now let’s focus on going right for the sweet spot, a ripe in between; and with that we’re talking pinot noir.  The bright red-fruit notes present in pinots balance well with the tang and earth tones of this cheese.  Light to medium bodied reds with a fair amount of acidity cut the milky, cake-like paste in the mouth and ensure the good times keep rolling. Our pick for this cheese is the Anthill Farms North Coast Pinot Noir.  This blend is from the Sonoma Coast and Anderson Valley, California – just south of where Truffle Tremor was born, proving even more that things that grow together go together. The North Coast pinot is bursting with cherries, black plums, and cinnamon with refined tannins that keep this gulpable red a delicious pairing option.

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