Wine & Cheese Wednesday-High Praise for Beaujolais

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This week Assistant Wine & Cheese Supervisor, Erin, takes our taste buds on a journey with a delicious new pairing that is sure to enhance your autumn table. 


High Lawn Wilde Field

A couple of weeks ago, we added a few new cheeses from High Lawn Farm into our collection and they are quickly becoming some of our favorites! Nestled in the heart of the Berkshires, High Lawn Farm, in Lee, Mass, has been raising exclusively Jersey dairy cows for 150 years.  Their commitment to happy cows can so obviously be tasted in their cheeses.  This week we’re specifically highlighting their Wilde Field; an Alpine-esque Toma-style cheese we simply can’t stop eating.  Wilde Field has the sharp bite of cheddar, but that’s where the similarities end! Texturally, the paste is buttery and fudge-like with a tacky rind.  This cheese is washed in an IPA from the nearby Shire Breu-Hous which locks in moisture and creates a background nuttiness that perfectly balances the buttery elements. The Jersey cow’s milk from which it is made, gives a delicate sweetness to round out the flavors. Put this pick in a grilled cheese with some Farm-grown tomato soup and you’ve got your go-to fall lunch sorted!


Domaine Saint Cyr Galoche Beaujolais

When looking for a pairing for High Lawn’s Wilde Field, we wanted something that could play off of the cheddar-like tang, but doesn’t overwhelm the sweet buttery finish.  Enter Beaujolais. A staff and customer favorite alike, Beaujolais (a place and the name!) is red wine solely made with a grape variety called Gamay.  With it’s thin skin, low tannins, and fairly low ABV, Beaujolais wines deliciously gulpable.  For this pairing we’re going with Domaine St. Cyr’s ‘La Galoche’, which perfectly encapsulates the ideal Beaujolais.  The grapes are harvested, and then the whole clusters are put into concrete tanks where they’re pressed after about two weeks. This process lends to a juicy, grapier, easy-to-drink wine. La Galoche is smooth and light with fruity notes of strawberries and cherries, counterbalanced with light minerality, reflective of the limestone on which it is grown.  This wine has the acidity to complement such a rich cheese without completely stripping the mouth after each sip.  An easy drinker like La Galoche paired with the local gem of Wilde Field is sure to kick off your October on a delicious note. 

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